Not Just a Music Program: How We Foster Community

Kindermusik by Kaelie is about so much more than learning music! While each activity is centered on music – instrument play, dancing, singing, listening, the list goes on! – and is prepared with developmental goals in mind, like steadying a little one’s gait, increasing their vocabulary, or teaching them that sometimes it’s okay to slow […]

4 Ways Group Music Classes Prepare Children for School

Preparing your child for the classroom – what role does Kindermusik play? If you have been to an un-parented Kindermusik class you have probably heard it time and time again. Our classes help prepare your little ones for their next step into a traditional classroom environment. As reassuring and empowering those words are for our […]

Parenting Gold: Two Simple Words That Will Change Your Life!

  Do you have a toddler learning to exercise their growing independence? Are you tired of having a stand off with your child when asking them to do the simplest of tasks? Maybe it’s a little more serious like trying to teach them the importance of using their manners. Are you tired of fighting what […]

Fall Kindermusik Unit Descriptions

Fall Kindermusik Unit Descriptions Here are the fall units for September & October. Sing & Play (0-24mths): September On the Town with Bear: Lace up your sneakers, we’re going out on the town! We’ll visit the city and see what there is to see, then head out into the country to check that out, too. Bear […]

8 Ways to Share Books with Your Child

There’s something beautiful about snuggling up on the sofa with your little and reading a book together – especially when you’re able to get from cover to cover in one sitting! Like that one time your monkey waddled up with book in hand, climbed into your lap with complete expectation that you’ll drop everything your […]

Why Should I Read To My Baby?

Did you know that enrolment in our program (Kindermusik 2016-2017 session) now includes a FREE board book for your baby? Maybe you’re wondering what my real motive is behind giving you awesome free stuff. Well, truthfully… I care about you. It’s that simple. I want you to always have a reason to connect with your child; […]

Scaffolding: you probably already use it, and if you don’t this is why you should

Look Ma! I’ve got hands! I love the complete wonder and awe in babies chubby little faces when they discover something new. When babies are this small, their growth and development is happening at such a rapid pace – don’t blink because you might miss something! – even thought I see them every week the […]

Friday Classes: Off to a Great Start!

Our Friday classes began this week and boy where they a lot of fun! At 9:15am we started with a baby class “Cuddle & Bounce” with the unit “Rise & Shine”. This unit explores routines and rituals, their importance and significance in your little one’s life. We “woke” baby up with a sweet poem and […]

It’s Here! Our First Session of Weekday Classes

A Great Start To What Is Sure To Be A Great year!

This year I am starting my program with two classes; Cuddle & Bounce (0-12months) and Wiggle & Grow Family (0-7years). Both run for 45 minutes every Saturday beginning tomorrow, January 18th, and are sure to be the talk of week! Below are the class units for this “month” (January 18th – February 8th) along with […]